Artist Featured at the 41th Annual Jubilee Festival

March 12-14, 2010 at the Laurel Theater

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Tom McCarroll & Tammie McCarroll-Burroughs

James T. “Tom” McCarroll, born in 1928, worked in city maintenance in Lenoir City for over 30 years, all the while playing fiddle, guitar, and banjo.   His daughter Tammie, the only one of Fiddlin' Jim McCarroll's 13 grandchildren to take up music, was making 45 rpm records in junior high school, recording Rockabilly songs and some of her own compositions, as well as playing with her grandfather’s band throughout his life, later performing with her father in the “Bonnie Lou and Buster” show on WJHL-TV in Sevierville, and at RV rallies and parks from Florida to Ohio.  In recent years they've been frequent guests at the Laurel Theater and on WDVX, performed at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in July 2004, and released a CD Generations

Roy Harper
A retired brakeman from Manchester, Tennessee, Roy Harper has been performing old-time country music for more than fifty years.  Roy has devoted his life to continuing the traditions of the style of country music he grew up listening to.  Much of the inspiration for his songs comes from the many years he spent working on the railroad.  Compared by his fans to Jimmy Rogers, Roy has developed quite a following among people who find this style of music preferable to modern “country” music.  “County music gradually got citified, and I stayed the same.”

The Epworth Old Harp Singers

The Epworth Old Harp Singers host a community singing from The New Harp of Columbia, a manual of sacred songs first published in Knoxville in 1848, related to the better known Sacred Harp singing tradition and emerging from the singing school movement once widespread throughout New England and the South.  Copies of the 2001 edition will be available for use.
Jake Leg Stompers

The Murfreesboro based Jake Leg Stompers present Pre-War Roots Music on period instruments in lively, authentic styles. Drawing on decades of historical research, the Jake Leg Stompers design their musical arrangements not simply to replicate old sonorities, but to evoke the moods and atmospheres of musical experience before the dawn of the Second World War.
Joseph Decosimo & Allison Williams

Two of the most accomplished young musicians working in old time traditions of Tennessee, veterans of Bob Fulcher's Cumberland Trail Folklife Project, present music of the region.

Mike and Marcia Bryant

Mike Bryant has been playing old time fiddle for close to 30 years. For 22 years he played with the award winning old time band The New Dixie Entertainers, playing all aound the country and at fiddle conventions. Mike has taught fiddle classes at Swannanoa and Augusta and also enjoys teaching individuals at home in Tennessee. Over the years Mike has won many awards for fiddling, most notably at Clifftop, West Virginia. Mike enjoys playing old time tunes from all over the south. He also has a good repertory of blues and rags on the fiddle.
Mike will be joined by Marcia Bryant and Morgan Simmons of the New Dixie Entertainers and Joseph and Kasey Decosimo.  Mike was featured prominently in a recent issue of the Old Time Herald and in the video series Songs of Appalachia
The Bearded

Rhythm and string band The Bearded took its first breath on the WDVX Blue Plate Special in January 2005 although the original seeds were planted years earlier on a front porch in Knoxville. A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist heralding from Northwest Florida, Kyle Campbell was one of the founding members of the regionally popular rock band, Medicine Wheel (1993-1999). He began his love for old time and country blues while staying summers on the Yellow River with his grandparents. His grandfather grew up on the same street as Hank Williams and knew all the musicians along the river. Three days after arriving in Knoxville in 2001 Kyle met Matt Morelock, a local DJ and banjo player.  Campbell and Morelock hit it off and soon found themselves playing as a mandolin, banjo duet.   Their CD A-No.1 was released in 2006.

Jim Turley
Junious Marion "Jim" Turley grew up in a forest about 30 miles south of Charleston, West Virginia.  He started playing the fiddle when he was 8 years old after his grandfather, Francis Marion, told him take a fiddle outside and mock the birds.  A local fiddler that walked everyday over the gap into Ridgeview Hollar to sell eggs was his next influence.  Fernandez Holston would stop by to play with Jim and his grandfather Francis on his way back over the gap.  In the words of Jim, "We didn't know we were playing music, it was just something to do." 

Danny Gammon

While known chiefly as a fiddler, Danny Gammon is equally at home playing guitar and singing with a mellow authority. He works at refining his musical taste and broadening his musical experience. He enjoys playing music with people of many tastes, and strives to be inclusive musicians of any level of talent.  He is the primary organizer of Music Therapy, an unlikely group of musicians who meet twice monthly for the pure joy of playing with other musicians
John Alvis & Friends

John Alvis and friends pay tribute to legendary fiddler Charlie Acuff.  Charlie can't be with us this year but his many musician friends will carry his music as far as they can.
The Lost Marbles

The Lost Marbles are regulars at the Knoxville Contra Dance.
Greg Horne fiddles with the Lost Marbles
The Mumbillies
Anybody remember the Newly Evicted Expo City Ramblers?  The Honey Wagon Dip Sticks?  They're still here, the ever-lovin' Mumbillies, wearing the same hats and the one name they couldn't shake.  Alleged to be the oldest continuing band in Knoxville (by the second oldest, the HQ Band), the Mumbillies have stuffed old time fiddle tunes and banjo riffs into every crack in the Laurel Theater's walls for the last quarter century and more.

Matt Morelock, Ian Thomas & Ferd Moyse
WDVX DJ Matt Morelock plays clawhammer banjo, ukelele, and sings, joined by Ian Thomas and Ferd Moyse (of Hackensaw Boys fame)
Informal sessions People enjoying themselves in the basement of the Laurel


Friday, March 12
Saturday, March 13
7:00 Jim Turley & Friends
7:30 Matt Morelock, Ian Thomas & Ferd Moyse
8:00 Tom McCarroll & Tammie McCarroll-Burroughs
8:30 Danny Gammon
9:00 Lost Marbles
9:45 The Bearded

all night: basement sessions
7:00 Joseph Decosimo & Allison Williams
7:30 John Alvis
8:15 Roy Harper
9:00 Mike & Marcia Bryant
9:30 Jake Leg Stompers
10:15 Mumbillies

all night: basement sessions

Sunday, March 14

Annual Epworth Old Harp Singing
& Dinner on the Grounds

11 am - 3 pm

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