Trenton "Tater" Caruthers, Connor Vlietstra and Corbin Hayslett

photoTrenton Caruthers is a 17-year-old fiddle and banjo player from Cookville, on the precipice of the Cumberland Plateau. Trenton is a 2017 Jr. National Old-Time Buck Dancing Champion. Trenton has been inspired and influenced by some of the greatest musicans in oldtime music such as Clyde Davenport, a 96-year-old fiddle player also from Cumberland Plateau. Trenton is a recipient of the 2018 Tennessee Arts Apprentice Program Award apprenticing under the great fiddler Michael DeFosche.

Conner Vlietstra is a 21-year-old guitar, banjo, and bass player who hails from Chattanooga currently studying Old-Time and Bluegrass at East Tennessee State University. Conner was filled with the love for this music and inspiration by his maternal grandmother inspiring him to play like his grandfather who played banjo, guitar, and harmonica. Conner was further inspired by figures like Charlie Poole, Lead Belly, Furry Lewis, and Jimmie Rodgers.

Corbin Hayslett is a 9th generation Virginian with familial and musical ties to the Clifton Forge area dating back centuries. Corbin grew up surrounded by music with his mother being a music director for multiple churches and giving piano lessons from in home, as well as his father's singing and listening to music.